Disney's Frozen The West End Musical at Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Text: The Smartest Giant in Town, A musical adaptation of the bestselling book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. | Image: A giant pair of legs and shoes are surrounded by small cartoon animals, trees and houses.
Against a background of towerblocks alongside a river, a dancer flings one bare foot high, her arms crossed in front of her body as she twists in the opposite direction. Her skin is spattered with mud and the image is in black and white, apart from highlights of coppery brown around her nose, cheeks and eyes.
Text: China before communism. Shen Yun 2024. Image: A woman in a striking pose against a green background.

Matinee Show Tickets

Matinee Shows

A matinee show is an afternoon performance. While not every show has an afternoon slot, most do, and you can catch top London matinee shows playing every day.

Look for matinees that suit your schedule. Whether you are free on Monday, Tuesday, or any other afternoon, you can choose what you want to watch from a wide variety of plays, dramas, and musicals. Matinees are great for people with no free time in the evening. The performances usually take place in the early to mid-afternoon. However, times vary from show to show.

Those who prefer to be home before dark can benefit from watching London matinee shows. Often, families with children prefer to catch their favourite shows during the daytime. Since most evening shows end around 10 pm, it also becomes less convenient for people who live outside London. Those travelling into the city also benefit from matinee shows; the convenient times eliminate the need to rush for late-night transport links.

London matinee shows are a great way to combine high-standard theatrical entertainment and quality time with your loved ones. After a matinee, you still have time to visit one of London's many great restaurants, bars, and cafés. You can finish the performance, then treat yourself to a top-notch meal, head to a bar, and still have time to relax at home and prepare for the next day.